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scoring sandeep

It was a real pleasure for us to have been invited by Derek to score the music for his short film, "The Ballad of Sandeep". Derek's original brief was for us to provide an 'Americana-style' score based loosely on the work of Aaron Copeland with elements of Ravi Shankar and Henry Mancini.

On spotting the film, we discussed with Derek the notion of injecting some humour and 'swing' into the movie to compliment the story and enhance the comedic aspect of what we were seeing.

And so, in approaching the score from this perspective we were able to work with not only some wonderful jazz musicians, but also the iconic Indian Musician Baluji Shrivastav. The sessions were recorded at Air Studios in London.

Fusing these disparate elements, along with a 'virtual' classical score created in our computers, gave us a diversity of musical elements that we believe are unusual to hear in a short picture.

The composition, recording and mixing of the entire score, from inception to final delivery, took some eight weeks. It was truly a delight to have worked with Derek on this engaging and successful project.

andy richards & mike higham

scoring sessions gallery

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the minor prophets Mike Higham

Mike began working in the music industry with legendary music producer Trevor Horn. He has worked and performed with artists including Seal, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Spice Girls, Eric Clapton and Sting. During his five years of working with Trevor, Mike engineered, edited, produced, and used extensive computer technology as well as playing keyboards and programming.

Mike then turned his attention to film music, working as a music editor on Oscar and Bafta winning movies. He was awarded an Emmy in 2002 for his work on Steven Spielberg's Band of Brothers.

In 2003 Mike met with Tim Burton which started a collaboration of several films, the most recent being Sweeney Todd, in which Mike produced all of the music for both the movie and soundtrack. Recording all of the artists and acting as Musical Director on the film set, Mike spent nearly 2 years helping Burton to bring the Sondheim musical to the screen.

mike higham on imdb www.higham-richards.com

Andy Richards

Andy started playing piano at the age of 6 and studied classical piano, organ and composition under Dr. Leon Forrester. He graduated from both the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of music, majoring as a concert pianist, before taking up a teaching post. Two years after starting to teach, he joined the folk-rock band, 'The Strawbs' and has worked as a professional musician ever since.

In 1983 he started working with record producer Trevor Horn and has played the keyboards on the hits of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' and the Pet Shop Boys 80's chart toppers. Since then he has played on countless hit pop records as well as working as a record producer, with top ten singles and albums to his credit.

Throughout his career Andy has taught and performed classical music, toured with rock bands, worked as a session musician, written music for jingles and film, recorded and mixed scores for movies and has worked as both a Music Supervisor and Editor for film.

mike higham on imdb www.higham-richards.com
the minor prophets

derek frey director Klebe and Davis

Klebe and Davis is the musical nom de plume of brothers Matthew and David Amadio. Matthew (Davis) plays drums for the indie rock trio The Fleeting Ends, and David (Klebe) is ΒΌ of The Minor Prophets. In 2008 they came together to record their first album, Sensitive Apartment, and since then have produced three additional DIY gems: Sugar of the Moon, Go Out For Adventure, Come Home For Love, and 2011's Beautiful Ruins.

"The Ballad of Sandeep," which appears on The Best of Klebe and Davis: Volume 1, was inspired by Mohammad Rafi's "O Haseena Zolfawali," a song featured on the soundtrack to the 1966 Bollywood film Teesri Manzil, starring the beloved Indian actor Shammi Kapoor. Sung entirely in Hindi, "The Ballad of Sandeep" is both an homage and a parody, a genre-bending foray in the tradition of Klebe and Davis's biggest musical influence, the New Hope-based band Ween.

To listen to more Klebe and Davis songs, visit www.myspace.com/klebeanddavis.

scoring sessions - video

Scoring sessions for the award winning short film "THE BALLAD OF SANDEEP" at Air Studios in London, UK

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